Welcome to ATS’s brand new monthly playlist, curated each month by a different member of the ATS team. First up, Eileen:

1. DAYTRADER- Chromatic Living
If you (like me) are still in mourning over the Crime in Stereo break-up, I’ve got just the thing to put a smile back on your face. Daytrader is made up of members from Crime in Stereo, Latterman/Bridge and Tunnel/Monikers, The Motorcycle Industry and Divider, and trust me, their music is just as impressive as their line-up. Grab their demo here, or listen to a personal favourite ‘Chromatic Living’ below.

2. MEN- Off Our Backs
Electro collective MEN (featuring DJ/production/remix team of Le Tigre members JD Samson and Johanna Fateman) just released their new single, ‘Off Our Backs’. This track is quite easily one of the most catchy and energetic pop songs I’ve heard in a long time, and comes complete with a bizarre homoerotic music video- what more could you want?

3. NO AGE- Fever Dreaming
‘Fever Dreaming’ is the latest single from LA noise-rockers No Age, and like every track from their most recent album ‘Everything in Between’, it’s an absolute corker. The album is an easy contender for a top spot on many of the year’s ‘Best Of’ lists, and this song in particular is phenomenal- loud, frenzied and full of raw power. Turn up the speakers and enjoy.

4. TELLISON- Hanover Start Clapping
To whet our appetites for the upcoming release of Tellison’s second album, here’s a highlight from the first- ‘Hanover Start Clapping’ is anthemic and up-tempo from start to finish. Pure indie perfection.

5. JACUZZI BOYS- Island Avenue
Jacuzzi Boys are a recent discovery for me, and boy am I glad I found them. They’ve spent the year supporting the likes of Fucked Up, The Strange Boys and No Age- let’s hope 2011 proves to be just as productive. The catchy little number ‘Island Avenue’ is nearly two years old now, but it’s still as fresh as it was on its release in my humble opinion.

6. PAPERMOONS- Car Lights
Deep Elm Records have released their 9th sampler ‘We Dream Alone’ just to make sure they’re not forgotten now that the time has come to start considering ‘Best of 2010′ lists- and with superb tracks such as ‘Car Lights’, they’re sure to be remembered.

7. SHARKS-Trains
For old-school punk junkies like me, Sharks tick all of the boxes. The snarling, swaggering vocals of frontman James Mattock would not be out of place on a record from the 1970′s. Yet what Sharks are aiming for is timelessness, trying to avoid the pitfalls of fleeting fad genres- I for one think they’re doing a pretty good job. Of course, I’m massively biased, because these boys happen to be from the Midlands- represent y’all.

8. THE XCERTS- Slackerpop
‘Slackerpop’ is taken from the Scottish indie-rocker’s second album, ‘Scatterbrain’, and it’s bloody good. Then again, would we expect anything else after it’s been passed through the expert hands of producer Mike Sapone (who’s previously worked with the likes of Brand New and Public Enemy). Combining sing-along choruses and heavier rock elements, The Xcerts cover a pretty broad audience, and I reckon they’re going to be pretty huge.

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